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Mobile Dog Grooming


Why we are running a mobile doggie grooming team

I (Cait Rolle) grew up my entire life putting animals needs first and learning to love and care for them in the best possible way. My mother (Lindy Rolle), and business partner as of 2017, was the absolute best teacher for this. We never had less than 8 rescue doggies in our home, who were the absolute driving force of our passion for fur kids. One of the small things that made our hearts so happy was the silly, happy, bouncy mood they got into after having a good wash!

Seven years ago, Lindy decided that she simply HAD to work with what made her heart happy. She put together a plan to start our grooming team. Martin, our main groomer, is just as passionate about animals as we are. His passion made him a quick learner and 7 years later we consider him a pro at how happy he makes the fur kids he grooms!

Our Caity Cares mobile dog grooming team strives to take attentive time with each fur child they pamper. They have a mobile doggie bath tub where they groom our clients furkids right on their front lawn so that their humans can be a part of the wonderful experience. Martin, and his assistant Juke, have a relationship with each and every furkid and they ensure that they happily run up to them the next time they arrive! Lindy and the grooming team also love spending time at Friends of Rescued Animals to make the rescued babies lives more comfortable and to give them their dignity back.

If you are interested in using our services you can contact Lindy on 0827019682 or

The Grooming Team